At custom weld mesh we can you are experience and skill in wire mesh to manufacturer and fabricate products out of wire mesh, we have a wide range of machinery that allow us to make wire mesh products that are accurate to specification and cost affective.

For any inquires on any wire mesh item please contact us and we will do are best to help

teliphone one of our team on 01772811522

Product examples,

  • Bespoke wire mesh panels

  • Wire mesh panels cut to size

  • Wire mesh grills

  • Wire mesh grates

  • Light guards

  • Camera guards

  • Security guards

  • Window guards

  • Wire mesh infill panels

  • Assembly of wire mesh panels

  • Wire mesh baskets

  • Wire mesh bins

  • Wire mesh stillages

  • Wire mesh trays

  • Wire mesh cages

  • Wire mesh screens

  • Wire mesh panels

  • Straighten Wire

  • Wire mesh clips

  • Wire mesh fasteners

Wire mesh basket

wire mesh cat basket


wire mesh